Impact Coatings is building a global sales presence to meet market demand. Our offering comprises coating machines and consumable materials, services, specialized coatings and subcontracting. This adds up to a comprehensive palette of different solutions designed to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Petter Carlfjord

Sales Director, EMEA
Phone: +46-13-35 95 32
Mobile: +46-70-222 17 57
Languages: Swedish, German, English

Masaru (Marty) Kikuchi

Sales Rep. & Marketing Advisor, Japan
Phone: +81-42-472 4838
Mobile: +81-80-1358 1180
Languages: Japanese, English

Will Wright

Sales Director, Asia and Pacific
Mobile: +46 706 982 575
Languages: Swedish, English

Jia Zhendong

Sales Manager, China
Phone: +86-139-1139 9582
Languages: Chinese, English