Maintenance & support

Impact Coatings InlineCoaters™ users will demand maintenance, consumables and method-/process development over the life span of the equipment. Maintenance, support and spare parts are offered through customer agreements. For example, our customers decide which setup times will apply for support, regularity of service and availability of spare parts. Over the years we have worked out different solutions with different price levels. The essential thing is that the expectations of availability from our customers are matched by the agreed agreements. Consumables both in the form of coating materials (target and cathodes) and tooling (fixtures and sheilds). We have the capacity and the network of suppliers to provide efficient logistic solutions to keep a high production up-time for our customers production equipment.

Method-/process development may consist of new coatings and new methods for producing the coating. In both cases, qualified technicians will assist Impact Coatings customers’ developers and production specialists. We can provide support from our researchers and experts on coatings, from our long experience of different production methods and if necessary, customizations of the equipment themselves.