The company founders Torsten Rosell and Henrik Ljungcrantz started Impact Coatings in 1997, as a spin off from Linköping University.

The basic idea was to develop PVD as a replacement to traditional wet plating. An upcoming need was identified for coating technology that is more cost-efficient and environment-friendly than the traditional methods. The company has since then developed deposition systems and deposition processes for mass-produced parts.

A selection of milestones achieved:

1997 Founded by Torsten Rosell and Henrik Ljungcrantz
2002 First InlineCoater™ shipment
2004 IPO (listed at Nasdaq-OMX Stockholm, First North)
2007 First InlineCoater™ 300 shipment
2008 Technical approval of PVD coatings for fuel cells
2009 First InlineCoater™ 500 shipment
2009 Development agreement with mobile phone company around MaxPhase™ contact coatings
2010 First PlastiCoater™ 200 and PlastiCoater™ 400 delivered
2011 International launch of Silver MaxPhase™ replacement of gold
2012 Ceramic MaxPhase™ introduced as the best cost/performance solution for bipolar plates for fuel cells
2014 Lean PVD™ plastic metallization established in automotive industry for decorative trim parts
2015 Ceramic MaxPhase™ selected for first production fuel cell for cars, and first connector with Silver MaxPhase™ launched
2016 First order of an InlineCoater™ 500-FC for the Chinese Fuel Cells market
2017 Technical approval and shipment of InlineCoater™ 500 for automotive reflectors