• Cooperation agreement with fuel cell manufacturer Telos Auto Power Systems in Foshan, China
  • Cooperation agreement with the city council in the Chinese city of Foshan
  • Parties aim to jointly develop world – leading fuel cell systems, where Impact Coating’s bipolar plate coating play crucial roll

Impact Coatings, which develops and sells world leading technology for PVD coating of fuel cell plates and automotive reflectors, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese fuel cell manufacturer Telos Auto Power Systems in the city of Foshan, China, and with the city’s administrative management. Foshan with about 7 million inhabitants is located in the expansive region of Guangdong and is one of the major centers for the development of fuel cells and hydrogen vehicles in China.

The cooperation agreement means that the parties together will develop world leading fuel cell systems with the support of the local city council. Impact Coating’s bipolar plate coating is an important part of the work on developing fuel cell systems with high efficiency and durability.

Telos Auto Power Systems is a Chinese enterprise within the fuel cell market and is a result of the Chinese government’s major commitment to emission free new energy vehicles. Telos Auto focuses on becoming a leader in China in the development and manufacturing of fuel cell systems for metro buses and trucks. This work in cludes collaborating with world leading players in different parts of the process, including Impact Coatings.

Telos Autos founder has a background at Ballard Power Systems, one of the largest fuel cell manufacturers and based in Canada. Telos has manufactured its first fuel cell systems, which have been installed in buses rolled out on the market. Technology and production are now being scaled up to cope with volume production, as Telos has agreements for delivery of fuel cell systems to more bus manufacturers.

”Our technology is seen as unique by Telos and as the one with best performance. The fact that we entered this cooperation is a first step towards setting our coating as a standard worldwide. The agreement sets a ground for presumptive business with Telos Auto, but also with other similar fuel cell manufacturers in China”,
says Impact Coatings CEO Henrik Ljungcrantz.

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