Impact Coatings has signed an agreement with China Hydrogen Energy to be strategic partner and deliver coating technology for high volume production. The agreement includes both coating equipment and consumables to an approximate value of €10 million over the first three years.

Impact Coatings, the leading developer and supplier of coatings for bipolar/separator plates for fuel cells, has entered into a cooperation with China Hydrogen Energy. The Swedish com-pany will deliver high volume coating equipment and Ceramic MaxPhase™ material to the Chinese fuel cell vehicle propulsion technology company based in Suzhou, China. The fuel cell power systems will be integrated into buses, trucks and cars from several leading Chi-nese vehicle manufacturers.

Impact Coatings’ founder Dr. Henrik Ljungcrantz and the Chairman of China Hydrogen Energy Mr. Deng Qinghua

Over the past few years Impact Coatings has supplied coatings for bipolar plates to many international car OEMs. China Hydrogen Energy has been awarded by the Chinese Govern-ment and is now building factories for volume production. The company has received orders from bus and truck companies to deliver fuel cell propulsion systems. With the ordered coat-ing systems from Impact Coatings, China Hydrogen Energy will have the capacity to produce fuel cell systems for over 20 000 vehicles a year. The strategy is to become one of the big-gest producers of fuel cell systems in China.

“China has increased its strong commitment to improve air quality and has decided to use fuel cell powered hydrogen transportation with zero-emission for the largest cites. Coating technology from Impact Coatings is the clear choice to produce the most cost effective fuel cell systems” says Henrik Ljungcrantz, founder and member of the Board of Directors at Im-pact Coatings.

The Ceramic MaxPhase™ coating enhances performance and lifetime of metal bipolar plates in fuel cells. The PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating is proven state-of-the-art for both proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC). Offer-ing a unique combination of low contact resistance, high corrosion resistance, and low cost, it exceeds both performance and cost reduction targets set up by the US Department of Energy.

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Henrik Ljungcrantz (Impact Coatings AB), Phone: +46-13-35 99 51,

Impact Coatings AB develops and commercializes innovative technology for PVD surface treatment. PVD is a method for vacuum coating of thin films of metal or ceramics.

The company has developed a portfolio of coating processes for metal and plastic, among others mar-keted under the trade name MaxPhase™. The coatings provide unique performances for fuel cells, electrical connectors, reflectors and other applications. In addition to coating services Impact Coatings offers the PVD production systems InlineCoater™, PlastiCoater™ and ReelCoater™, targeting cus-tomers with lean-organized production flows involving PVD.

The company was founded in 1997. Following a period of development and establishing products and services, the company is now expanding globally. Impact Coatings’ share is traded at Nasdaq OMX Stockholm First North since 2004.